Arkansas Schools Add ‘In God We Trust’ Posters to Classrooms


The red state of Arkansas is about to mandate the national motto, “In God We Trust” be placed in elementary and secondary schools.

Framed pictures or posters of the national motto are to be hung above the American flag in libraries and classrooms, according to NBC affiliate, KARK. Superintendents are reviewing the new law as citizens weigh in.

Taxpayer money won’t be used to pay for the displays. Instead, private organizations or voluntary contributions to the school boards or Building Authority Division of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration will finance the pictures. The national motto is required for public buildings maintained or operated by the state.

The Republican party in Arkansas has long politicized the idea of the words “In God We Trust.” In 2012, the Arkansas GOP ran attack ads against Democrats, saying, “This isn’t your Grandpa’s Democratic party” when some objected to including the words in the party platform.

The law states that posters allowed in the classroom can also feature the U.S. and Arkansas flags, adding that the funding for these posters must come from private organizations or charitable contributions to local school boards.


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