Should Extreme Religions Be Banned In The United States?


Many people extrapolate from the Establishment Clause a total prohibition of anything remotely associated with the Christian God from all branches of local, state, and federal government. Of course, the Christian God of the Holy Bible is the primary target of those who proudly tout the “Separation of Church and State.” Other religions seem to avoid the kind of scrutiny received by the Cross of Christ.

The Framers thought that by using plain and explicit terms they would prevent any future religious oppression by the government. Apparently they did not foresee the mysterious delusion and apostasy of future generations that would allow the truth to be twisted into a lie; that would allow the exact opposite of their explicit intent to become a reality.

From schoolhouses to firehouses, from city parks to city streets, displays of “Merry Christmas” and white crosses erected as roadway memorials are strictly prohibited all in the name of the “Separation of Church and State.” Phrases like “In God We Trust” and “Under God” are mercilessly targeted as violations of the separation of church and state.


In keeping with the ethos of the founding fathers and the constitution of the United States to protect its citizens from tyranny, a very simple question can be asked of any faith system or religion

Does a particular religion or faith command violence against or the physical murder of anyone who disagrees with or does not share the tenents of that faith?

If so, should that particular faith or religion be protected by the Constitution of the United States, or by the so called “Wall of Separation”?

It can be argued that the many religions on earth that do not command their followers to kill or hurt others who disagree with them, should be and are protected by the Constitution of the United States. Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

However the Quran, the holy book of Islam, does command its followers to murder all enemies of Islam. There is no New Testament in the Quran. The god of the Quran does not provide mercy and grace to his enemies.

In stark contrast to the god of the Quran, the God of the Bible does provide grace and mercy to His enemies while they remain alive on this earth. He commands His followers to love and pray for their enemies while they are still on earth.


Many people hate the God of the Bible because they disagree with people being sent to hell based solely upon what they do or do not believe.

We should all be thankful that the God of the Bible does not command that those who reject Him should be harmed in any way, let alone murdered based solely upon their rejection of Him while they are still alive on earth. As noted above, He commands the exact opposite.


When people are killed by other human beings, such as those killed by Islamic terrorists acting in true accordance with the Quran, it is the will of mankind that is to blame, not God.

Of all the people who have ever lived and died on earth, many who followed the God of the Bible died in the same ways as those who did not. Many have died in tragic ways including devastating illnesses, accidents, natural disasters, and even murder.

However, no one who has ever died since Jesus Christ of Nazareth walked this earth was ever commanded to be killed by the God of the Bible, no matter what people may say who are not truly following the commandments of Jesus Christ.

Can the same be said of the multitudes of people who have been killed by those who truly follow the commandments of Allah?

Just because human beings are capable of lying does not mean that you are required to believe their lies. The “Crusades” were executed in completedisobedience to the commandments of Christ, not in obedience, despite lies to the contrary.

The New Testament of the Holy Bible clearly commands its followers to lovetheir enemies. The Quran of Islam clearly commands its followers to kill their enemies.

Why is that truth so hard for so many to accept? Why are people so reluctant to compare the Quran with the New Testament for themselves? Are they unwilling to see the truth or are they just lazy?

Should a faith that mercilessly commands the execution of all who reject it be allowed to be outwardly expressed in public in the United States of America?

Would the outward expression of that faith be an offense to anyone who disagrees with the murder of people based solely upon their beliefs?

Could its full outward expression be dangerous?


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