Mattis Is Asked if He Carries Any Challenge Coins — His 5-Word Response Defines His Service to America


On January 20, 2017, Gen. James Mattis was overwhelmingly confirmed as the secretary of defense and just shy of his one-year anniversary, Americans are reminded of the powerful reason why.

Ahead of Mattis’s trip to the international terrorism conference in Aqaba, Jordan, a U.S. Marine asked Breitbart reporter Kristina Wong to relay a message.

“Ask him if he has coins,” the Marine requested and added, “Tell him his Marines love him.”

Wong passed along the Marine’s declaration of gratitude and asked the defense secretary if he had any challenge coins.

Defense leaders often carry the coins and pass them out to service members as a token of appreciation, but Mattis revealed he had other, bigger, things on his mind.

He smiled and told Wong he didn’t have any coins, then provided her with a five-word answer as to why. Mattis replied:

“I’m saving money for bombs.”

The ominous response is far from a first for the deadly serious defense secretary but is yet another telling example of the general’s commitment to America’s well-being.


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