What Mike Pence Just Did Makes Mila Kunis Immediately Regret Abortion Donation In His Name


It is strange why the Hollywood celebrities continue to involve into politics.

Recently, for who knows what reason, famous actress Mila Kunis decided to make a donation to the Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name.

However, she probably didn’t expect to receive a huge backfire after her donation.

Mila Kunis didn’t consider this as a prank, but instead as a silent protest while supporting the organization. However, not many people considered her protest a good thing.

After she made her announcement, one pro-life group decided to step in and involve into the situation. The group started to seek donations for another cause in Mike Pence’s name.

According to Liberty Writers, soon after, Mike Pence realized about the group’s plan to make a move and donate to the Planned Parenthood. He decided to retweet the link and approve their decision to support him.

Ironically, neither of them referred to Mila Kunis and her mindless action, which represented that her initial “peaceful protest” isn’t quite important. However, many organizations who are determined to end abortion will receive a lot of money that will help their cause.

Maybe Mila Kunis only wanted attention, which she received, but on the wrong way. Her intentions were terrible and Mike Pence ended up to be the winner in this situation. This ended up to support and help the pro-life cause.

As always, the Vice President kept it simple and still helped a good cause. At least, he will probably receive a thank you card every month.

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