Mike Pence Just Went Scorched Earth on UN Human Rights Council in Front of the Entire World


Mike Pence has major confidence and he isn’t afraid to speak up.

The Vice President of the United States got himself involved in a heated debated this past Wednesday in New York City.

He stood right before the worldwide leaders at the United Nations General Assembly and said something that stunned everybody in the room.


Mike Pence declared to the crowd in front of him that the U.N. Human Rights Council “attracts and welcomes many of the worst human rights violators in the world.” Vice President Pence stands strongly by his opinion and said out loud that, “A clear majority of the Human Rights Council’s members fail to meet even the most basic human rights standards.”

Pence immediately fired some verbal “shots” and he called the offending nations by name because he wants the world to know what the hell is going on:

“Cuba sits on the Human Rights Council, an oppressive regime that has repressed its people and jailed political opponents for more than half a century. Venezuela sits on the Human Rights Council, a dictatorship that undermines democracy at every turn imprisons political opponents, and, as we speak, is advancing policies that worsen deprivation and poverty that is costing the lives of innocent men, women, and children.”

The Vice President of the U.S. was vividly upset by the nations mentioned above. He pointed everything that’s wrong and needs to be fixed. The world leaders heard him speak and they need to fix their issues as soon as possible. Mike Pence was maybe a little bit harsh in his statement. However, he concluded his ruthless remarks by putting the U.N. Human Rights Council on the clock to reform itself for the sake of everybody.

Pence concluded his remarks by saying, “This body must reform the Human Rights Council’s membership and its operation.”

You can see how it went down in the video below!

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