Obama’s CIA Director Just Risked Everything To Leak The Secret That’ll Drain The Swamp


The cracks are beginning to surface among those defending Hillary Clinton’s reign of corruption. This time it’s her campaign’s collusion with Russia for “opposition research” on Donald Trump that threatens to bring her and her closest associates to justice.

It is now almost a certainty that she approved the payment of up to $9.2 million from her campaign for a dossier supplied by Fusion GPS that relied on information that was supplied by sources in the Kremlin to libel Donald Trump.

In other words the Kremlin was given influence over the 2016 presidential election and they were paid by Hillary to do it!  You can’t make this up.

Not only did Hillary pay them, she then spewed these lies, along with her Democratic Party allies (traitors?) and knowingly allowed (directed?) the mainstream media to support these lies with what amounted to billions of dollars of free propaganda over their airwaves.

This is a level of Russian infiltration into the Democratic Party and the mainstream media that threatens to destroy our democracy.  It must be rooted out immediately if the Democratic Party is to be allowed to operate as a serious political entity in the future in complete disregard for the truth about the man whose character they were assassinating and his family they derided.

That may be why former Obama CIA Director and longtime ally of the Clintons, Leon Panetta has stepped forward to call for a Congressional investigation to discover the truth about who on Team Hillary authorized the $9+ million payment and then how the mainstream media decided to run roughshod with the fallacious information.

Panetta was walking softly when he called for a Congressional investigation because they are little more than exercises in providing political cover for everyone involved.

Also, Panetta’s uncertainty about who within the Hillary campaign authorized the massive payment for the Kremlin originated propaganda stops short of pointing the finger where he knows it belongs.

This wasn’t an approval to spend $200 for coffee and donuts for the staff.  This was a whopping sum made to a foreign operative – former British Intelligence Officer Christopher Steel – that was never reported.

Coordinating with any foreign entity during a campaign is a violation of federal election law.

Failing to properly report to the FEC the purpose of, and who received any expenditure is another violation of federal regulations.  This was a massive amount of money, which means that the failure to file its proper recipient was intentional.

Then there was former Clinton supporter and Democrat Doug Shoen, a veteran of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns, who told Judge Jeanine that there is no possibility that Hillary didn’t authorize the expenditure and then ordered it to be reported as legal fees.

This level of deception, that included Hillary directing 24-hour programming targeting her opponent andthat was also used to secure FISA warrants that authorized the surveillance of her political opponent leading up to an election, must not be allowed to be turned into a dog and pony show by a Congressional subcommittee.

The level of unlawful activity is not political it is treasonous. 

The evidence must heard by a grand jury so that they can sort through it and make the proper recommendations.  This is far too serious to be decided by a body of political partisans



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