President Trump Is About To Kick These Muslims Out Of The Country — Americans Are Cheering


The left’s goal of destroying Western culture in America got a boost during the Obama presidency. This should not have been a surprise. His past showed clear hostility to traditional American values. And his choice of associates only confirmed his animosity to the very country he was elected to serve.

With the end of the Obama era and the victory of President Trump, the left’s plans have run into determined opposition. While this is not enough to completely derail the left, liberal initiatives have been dramatically retarded, and in some cases, reversed. One example of an Obama initiative that has been curtailed was his drive to introduce Islamic culture to America.

The Palestinian Authority has not only been an ally of terrorist forces in the Middle-East, but a supporter. Its campaign against Israel is there for all to see. This pleased Mr. Obama. However, President Trump opposes such terrorist campaigns and alliances. In fact, he has advised the Palestinian Authority that if they do not comply with US laws and instead continue their campaign against Israel, their Washington office will be closed and they will be ejected from America.

“On November 17, President Donald Trump’s administration informed the Palestinian Liberation Office (PLO) that they are going to shut down their office in Washington, D.C., and kick them out of the country if they ever again exhibit hostility toward Israel, our only ally in the Middle East.

“Far from Obama’s perpetual appeasement of the terror-tied Palestinian organizations, Trump has outraged the antagonistic Arab settlement that they have broken the last peace treaty and ceasefire with Israel under the watchful eye of the U.S. in one of his most monumental moves yet.”

The Palestinians are simply in violation of US law. Such acts were ignored or encouraged by Mr. Obama. This is not the case with the Trump administration.

“The Daily Caller reports that the State Department has announced that the PLO has violated U.S. law by invoking the International Criminal Court (ICC) to punish Israelis for building apartment complexes on Israeli land, which the Palestinians hope to lay claim to. The PLO broke the law when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas demanded that the ICC ‘open an investigation and to prosecute Israeli officials for their involvement in settlement activities and aggressions against our people.’”

The importance of the resolve of our president to our allies should not be missed. Mr. Obama was a failure in this regard. Which allies could really trust him? It was more likely that those who were enemies of our country and its way of life would be the beneficiaries of Mr. Obama’s misguided policies.

Although not without some bruises, America survived the venal and corrupt Obama administration. It is a testimony to our people and the durability of our form of government that this happened. Tragic that we had a president who labored in opposition to our country and its allies. A blessing that we now have a one who understands his responsibilities. And not only that, but one is unafraid to act on our behalf.


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