Trump Announces USA Just Broke Another Record – 1st Time In History

Trump Announces USA Just Broke Another Record – 1st Time In History

What Trump promises is what Trump makes a reality. The President so far made enormous changes that proven to be amazing for this nation. The mainstream media together with the liberals ignore this fact and are still inventing different narratives and stories in order to make him look bad. Trump usually is talking about his accomplishments via social media and this Tuesday he did the same thing. He wished us very appropriate “Good morning”.

The President is very satisfied with the current stocks market and the growth of the business that is happening around this nation after eight years reports USA News Flash. He tweeted:

Once again Trump’s policies are proven to be the thing this country needs. He is indeed achieving more than Obama did in the past couple of years. After going through a 15% increase in the first quarter, with 60% of all firms in the index reporting an 11% growth in the second quarter. Reports show that industries from the automotive and finance tech are currently enjoying their second-quarter profit gains. We also learned that Trump and his fellow Republicans are doing anything possible to cut the individual and corporate tax rates by the end of this September. Wow, what a change.

This is a major win for the current administration and they are doing an amazing job. We all need to ignore the media’s lies and to focus on Trump’s tweets at this point.


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