Trump Just Scored Biggest Victory Of His Presidency—Democrats, Washington Rocked


Trump has promised to make America great again. That has been met with plenty of opposition. We may never know why there are people in Washington opposed to such a plan. Yet there are both republicans and democrats who seemed determined to obstruct.

Despite their efforts, Trump continues to win. This year has been marked with victories. Even when liberals try to block his plans, Trump has come out the victor.

Now we are happy to announce a major victory is in the works. Few could have foreseen this.

From Wall Street Journal:

Senate Republicans on Friday were confident that they had locked in enough votes to pass a sweeping tax bill later in the day. Wavering GOP senators offered their support and a holdout, worried it would add to the deficit, all but conceded defeat.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said Friday morning, “We have the votes.” His comment came after Sen. John Cornyn (R., Texas), the No. 2 Senate Republican, said the party had 50 votes to pass the legislation. Republicans control 52 seats compared with 48 for Democrats. With no Democrats expected to support the bill and Vice President Mike Pence able to break a tie if needed, Senate Republicans have the majority needed to clear the measure through the Senate and open negotiations with the House to iron out differences…

Sens Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) said Friday, “We’ve got a great product and it’s going to pass today.” Sen. Tim Scott (R., S.C.) was also optimistic, saying senators hoped to pass the tax bill before they went home for the weekend.

Momentum for the tax legislation picked up on Friday morning after Republicans gained support from Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Steve Daines of Montana, helping the party regroup after a late-evening stumble Thursday over concerns the bill would add to the budget deficit.

This past week has seen more and more good news about this bill. The tax bill is set to be a historic work of legislation. All Americans will feel relief. Bloated government spending will be reined in. And the economy will soar.

Democrats will most likely not vote for this bill. They will dig in their heels, as they always do. Even though this is the thing they always promise voters, they will vote no. So once again, it’s up to republicans in Congress to make it happen.

We were worried that too many republicans will buck the President and vote no. But it seems more and more and coming around. Even seeming NeverTrumpers have announced they will vote yes. And hard-lining Constitutionalists will also vote yes.

It looks like this bill will get passed. It will be a huge win for the MAGA crowd. And of course, even complaining liberals will benefit. Who could be upset about that?


  1. They can’t get a budget passed because there’s too many democrats caught up in scandals. They are trying to find a way to rip off taxpayers to get out scandals. Can’t do that and get a budget too


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